Sump Pump Systems


Enhancing Basement Comfort with Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are essential for removing accumulated water, and protecting your home from flooding and water damage. Understanding how sump pumps work can help you maintain the integrity and comfort of your basement space.

Effective Solutions for Basement Water Management

If you think sump pump systems leave an ugly, dirt hole in your basement floor, think again. Times have changed. New England Dry Basements installs air-tight sealed, hard-covered basins below the floor… with automated sump pump systems that prevent water from flooding your basement. Electric-powered sump pump systems pump the water out of your wet basement.

The proper sump pump system can prevent thousands of dollars in damages and hours and hours of clean up work. We offer several types of sump pump systems because it’s not one size fits all. First, we assess your individual needs. Then we offer you options for the repair that will work best in your home and your budget.


If your Massachusetts basement is wet or damp or moldy or it leaks, we can fix it.

Don’t put up with a wet basement.