I know what you thinking… you’re thinking about that ugly, dirt hole in your basement floor, aren’t you? What? Oh. You’re really thinking about that last piece of chocolate cake sitting on your kitchen counter. Well, stop thinking about cake! You have an ugly, dirt hole in your basement floor that’s causing your basement to flood with water! Who can think about cake at a time like this?

Face it. It’s time to fix your leaking basement. But times have changed. That leaky basement can now be fixed with a sealed, hard-covered basin installed below the floor and an automated pump system that prevents water from flooding your basement. The proper sump pump system can prevent thousands of dollars in damages and hours and hours of clean up work. No more water in your basement… not to mention that you’ll get rid of the mold and the damp, musty basement smell that accompanies a wet basement, especially with Massachusetts’ humid climate.

At New England Dry Basements, we offer several types of sump pump systems because it’s not-one-size-fits-all. First we assess your individual needs… then, we offer you options for your basement repair that will work best in your home. Think about it…  you can go away again without worrying if you’ll come home to a wet basement. It’s debatable whether or not you’ll come home to find that last piece of chocolate cake!